How American Foundations and Organizations Target Hispanic Youth
By Magaly Llaguno

Did you know that American foundations and organizations are corrupting the youth in Hispanic countries? By promoting and/or introducing hedonistic and inmoral sex education programs in the public schools in most of these countries - like those that have totally failed in the U.S. - they are spreading their deadly errors to the rest of this hemisphere.

Pro Familia, International Planned Parenthood's affiliate in Puerto Rico, works with the government there "to promote sex education in the schools." (1) In one of its pamphlets titled "For Teens Only", Pro Familia explicitely describes masturbation and promotes it (2) , and it offers a "hot line" to "advice" youngsters on contraception. (3) According to Pro Familia, 22% of the calls made to this special line for adolescents, are from boys and girls between 13 and 15 years of age.(4)

In El Salvador, UNICEF is one of the organizations funding a very inmoral sex "education" program called "From Teens to Teens", which is being implemented by the Ministry of Health. (5) UNESCO, Asociacion Demografica Salvadoreña (IPPF's affiliate in that country), Save the Children and World Vision of El Salvador, are also listed among the "participating organizations" in the project that led to the creation of this program. (6)

Colombia is IPPF's "showcase". Sex education is mandatory from Kindergarten and its sex-ed program is the most inmoral one in the entire Latin American continent. PRO FAMILIA (IPPF's affiliate in Colombia), was one of the non-governmental organizations which helped to develop this program. One of the booklets being used promotes masturbation and homosexuality and includes semi-pornographic drawings.(7)

Hispanic youth in the U.S. are also being targeted by the most anti-life/family organization in the world: Planned Parenthood (PP). It offers a website for teenagers, with a content so pornographically explicit, that I cannot fully share it with you. (8) PP claims it wants to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy. Yet through its inmoral sex education it promotes masturbation, promiscuity, abortion and homosexuality. In its Spanish website it tells youngsters that "love between people of the same sex is normal, healthy, and has the same possibilities of having satisfactory, happy serious relations as hetereosexual love". (9 ) This inmoral material is reaching Hispanic youth all over the world via the Internet. The anti-life/family movement has many millions of dollars in comparison with the pro-life movement, to pervert Hispanic youth and to promote the culture of death . For example, Bill Gates gave almost three million dollars to MEXFAM, IPPF's affiliate in Mexico and a promoter of inmoral sex education and "emergency contraception" (early abortion before implantation). (10 )

Yet the triumphs and achievements of HLI's affiliates in Latin America have been impressive during the time that HLI has been providing guidance, material and moral support to them. Several years ago Argentina (where HLI has an affiliate ), set a world-wide precedent, when its then president declared March 25 (The Annunciation), "The Day of the Unborn Child". Recently Peru's congress officially also declared March 25, the Day of the Unbon Child. Other Latin American countries have followed. HLI's affiliate in Costa Rica, ADEVI (Asociacion Defensa de la Vida), helped outlaw in-vitro fertilization, and that country became the first one in the world to do so.

As Christians we have a moral obligation to try to counteract the pornographic sex education programs aimed at Hispanic children and adolescents by American anti-life/family foundations and organizations, with the promotion and teaching of chastity! With HLI's help, existing pro-life/family Hispanic organizations are fighting abortion legalization and offering a life alternative to women facing a crisis pregnancy.

Vida Humana Internacional needs your continued prayers and financial help and support, so that the work of countless dedicated helpers and volunteers in 22 countries, can continue and even expand.


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