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Adolfo Castaneda, director of 
educational programs, recording 
“Defienda la Vida” (Defend Life)
VHI’s weekly programs on 
WEWN short wave and Pax net
Adolfo Castaneda, director of educational programs, recording Defienda la Vida (Defend Life) VHI's weekly programs on WEWN short wave and Pax net


Vida Humana Internacional (VHI) offers its radio programs “Defiende la Vida” (Defend Life) which are recorded during VHI’s conferences with well-known leaders of the culture of life. The programs are broadcasted via short wave to the Hispanic world (including Hispanics in the U.S.) through Mother Angelica’s World Catholic Radio (WEWN). Radio Paz, another Catholic radio station based in Miami, Florida, which reaches out through Pax Net, its radio network, to Hispanics in the U.S. and Latin America, also broadcasts “Defiende la Vida”.

The potential audience of VHI’s radio programs is millions of people.

Physicians, pro-life leaders, priests, scientists, leaders of VHI’s affiliated organizations, theologians, and many more, are interviewed during the weekly programs. Their talks about life issues, the human person and the family, recorded during VHI conferences, are broadcasted by WEWN radio.




Adolfo Castaneda in Mexicali,
being interviewed by Televisa Mexico,
a national TV channel, after the
Coalition of Pro Life Groups conference



Life is an inalienable and fundamental right of every person and for all peoples; and the culture that respects human life, is a human right that must be promoted. Vida Humana Internacional does it through its radio and TV programs.

Vida Humana Internacional and EWTN, Mother Angelica’s world catholic TV Channel, have co-produced a series of 13TV programs: “Por Amor a la Vida”

Vida Humana Internacional, through its members, affiliates and collaborators, is frequently invited to participate in TV and radio programs, which include news and / or debates. VHI is committed to telling the truth to the public, because the “truth will make us free” (John 8, 34).


Adolfo Castaneda and Magaly Llaguno at
Mother Angelica’s EWTN studios,
recording the TV series
“Por Amor a la Vida” (For Love of Life)
Adolfo Castaneda and Magaly Llaguno at Mother Angelica's EWTN studios, recording the TV series Por Amor a la Vida (For Love of Life)


The moral beauty of truth, its benefits, its integrity, and the fact that it never contradicts itself, attracts every human intelligence that is open to it. Fundamental truth concerning human beings consists of his or her image and likeness to God. This makes every human person valuable from the very beginning of each human life, at the moment of conception. VHI announces this fundamental and splendid truth to all.

Message from John Paul II, to the Media:

Message from John Paul II

“An important and serious responsibility belongs to those involved in the mass media, who are called to ensure that the messages which they so effectively transmit will support the culture of life. They need to present noble models of life and make room for instances of people’s positive and sometimes heroic love for others. With great respect they should also present positive values of sexuality and human love, and not insist on what defiles and cheapens human dignity. In their interpretation of things, they should refrain from emphasizing anything that suggests or fosters feelings or attitudes of indifference, contempt or rejection in relation to life. With scrupulous concern for factual truth, they are called to combine freedom of information with respect for every person and a profound sense of humanity.” (John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 98.)

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