The pro-life movement and other links

Human Life International/Vida Humana Internacional does not necessarily endorse or support the organizations and/or individuals listed here, nor their activities nor the contents of their websites, publications and/or public statements. Our organization is faithful to the Judeo-Christian principles and wants its website to also reflect this in its links and sub-links. If one of these at any point should contain any offensive or inmoral material or lead to another link that does, we ask you to please notify us right away. Thank you.


Main pro-life Organizations

Religious pro-life organizations

Medical pro-life organizations

Political/legal pro-life organizations

College Right to Life organizations

Miscellaneous pro-life organizations

Miscellaneous International Organizations

Organizations that fight Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life Websites for Youth

Miscellaneous resources

Crisis pregnancy centers – Directories

Information on abortion and adoption




Catholic Church topics/websites


Development of the Unborn Child



Natural Family Planning


Post abortion ministries

Studies on the after effects of induced abortion:

Reproductive technologies:

Organizations that study the myth of over-population::

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